Environmental workshop on “Upcoming challenges for CORSIA: Emissions, Reporting and Verification”

Bangkok, 2 -4 July 2019

Compared with other modes of transport, the impact of aviation on the environment is still relatively moderate in aggregate terms. However, aircraft noise exposure and aircraft engine emissions are expected to increase further over the next decades as traffic continues to grow. In addition, the specific impact of the greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft engines is unlike other industries in the sense that these emissions take place in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

At the 10th meeting of its 214th session on 27 June 2018, ICAO Council prescribed that the first edition of Annex 16, volume 4 on “Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation” (CORSIA) would become applicable as of 01 January 2019 for the elements concerning the development and application of SARPs for the implementation of CORSIA (until 2020, mainly for the MRV component).

As aviation emissions monitoring is a new concept for most of the world (only the European Union Member States are used to it), this decision implies a huge task for administering authorities such as Civil Aviation Authorities or Environmental Protection Agencies around the world in order to comply with and fulfil the requirements of the SARPs.

This 2-day workshop, held in Bangkok from 2 to 4 July 2019, brought together more than 80 stakeholders from State Authorities, National Accreditation Bodies, Verification Bodies, Air Operators, from the ASEAN region as well as representatives from the European Union.

The workshop provided a platform for exchange of knowledge on the implementation of the ICAO Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation by presenting the experiences and challenges faced by the different actors involved, drawing from both EU and ASEAN Member States.

Please find below the agenda and presentations from this event.


Day 1 – 02 July 2019

- Objective of the Workshop

- CORSIA: status of the ASEAN region. Next steps on CORSIA

Legal Framework and MRV Implementation

Day 2 – 03 July 2019

Legal Framework and MRV Implementation

Verification Capacity

Day 3 – 04 July 2019

Verification Capacity

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