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2022 Activities

Activities co-organised with COSCAP-South East Asia 2022


South East Asia

In order to promote safety and ergional integration, as well as for operational efficiency and to promote understanding of the EU system, the project coordinates with COSCAP-SEA, a regional technical assistance programme implemented by ICAO, a series of regional and bilateral training courses for the region. 


These courses should address the needs of the region's aviation authorities, and simultaneously familiarise the region to the EU system, concepts, standards and best practice. 

Symposium Picture.JPG
EU-Asia Symposium on UAS/UAM

18-21 October 2022

The objective of the symposium, organised by EASA’s Asian Aviation Partnership Projects with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), was to address common regulatory and operational challenges in safely integrating drones and air taxis into the aviation system. The symposium was conceived as a ‘workshop-style’ exchange of experience between civil aviation authorities, industry players and researchers and included a wide variety of speakers. Each day of the event revolved around a specific theme: Day 1 – Industry perspectives, Day 2 – UAS operations, Day 3 – eVTOLs and their ecosystem and Day 4 – Airspace matters. 

AI Workshop.png
Artificial Intelligence Workshop Singapore

19-21 September 2022 in Singapore

The EASA Artificial Intelligence experts visited the ATM Research Institute of Singapore to gather information on their activities regarding Artificial Intelligence innovative solutions for ATM, and to look into possible collaboration on technical topics and use cases. At the same time the EASA team presented the status of the EASA Artificial Intelligence Roadmap implementation.

Transition TO ECCAIRS 2 (7).png
Human Factors Training Thailand

12-15 September 2022

The purpose of this workshop was to provide a detailed overview of Human Factors and Human Performance principles, application, and practical implementation within the competent authority main tasks, with focus on the tools used by the licensing inspectors in their daily activities. The scope of the three-day workshop was to introduce the main principles of Human Factors and Human Performance and how they can be tailored and implemented to support the organisational and personnel needs of a competent authority.

EU-SEA APP CyberSecurityWS-SIN.jpg
Regional Cybersecurity Workshop 

27-28 June 2022

The objective of the workshop was to illustrate the basics of cybersecurity in aviation, the specific cyber threat landscape and how to address the related threats and vulnerabilities through adequate regulations, with focus on the European case, risk assessment and management and sharing risk assessment information and cyber threat information and intelligence. The workshop also presented and discussed ongoing activities at the ICAO level, namely the International Aviation Trust Framework, including its implications for the global aviation community and exchanged opinions on defining an international approach to increase the resilience, safety and security of aviation in light of constantly evolving cyber threats.

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