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Activities co-organised with COSCAP-SEA 

Lao PDR Certification of Aerodromes

10-21 October 2022 in Lao PDR

The EU-SEA APP supported COSCAP-SEA in its provision of guidance and on-the-job training to the Lao PDR Civil Aviation Authority in the on-site certification of their International Airports.

Mandatory and Voluntary Safety Reporting Systems Workshop

25 May 2022, Zoom

This workshop’s main objective was to link together the ICAO SMS requirements with the EU regulations on occurrence reporting. Examples were presented on the Singapore’s ‘Tell Sarah’ voluntary reporting system. The workshop introduced how EASA MS were using occurrences to manage aviation safety risks within their SMS systems.

FDA WS.png

Flight Data Analysis Workshop (follow-up event)

9 March 2022, Zoom

EASA, with the support of ICAO COSCAP-SEA delivered a workshop on Flight Data Analysis, which covered additional practical details and addressed State's questions in the FDA area. After completing this workshop, the State Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) should have gained knowledge to allow them to plan actions more effectively on implementation and the use of FDA in the industry, perform safety oversight and support of FDA, and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of adopted SEIs. 

Targeted audience were managers and technical personnel/inspectors from the States Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who are involved in the safety oversight of Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)/Flight Data Analysis Program.

*COSCAP SEA = The “Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programme for South East Asia” is part of ICAO’s Regional Technical Cooperation Programme with the objective to give assistance to states to implement, improve and harmonize Safety oversight.

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