EASA-ICAO COSCAP SEA Workshop on Airport Environment Management Systems (EMS)

25-26 February 2019, Bangkok

Further to the groundwork set by ICAO in the Doc 9968 (Report on Environmental Management System practices in the aviation sector) and in the workshop in Montreal on “green airports”, November 2017, the purpose of this workshop was to discuss the current status in ASEAN on this topic, share experience and best practice and analyse the potential benefits of a systematic approach to identify, monitor, report, evaluate and communicate environmental performance indicators as applied to airports in the region. This modus operandi may aid ASEAN states in identifying, reducing and managing the likely major risks and liabilities as per environmental issues.


All ASEAN states are more or less at the same level in terms of environmental considerations as applied to airports. Considering the challenges they are facing, isolated national one-off-measures are not enough. Environmental and climate protection require regional management responsibilities and they need to be fully taken into consideration in all regional planning processes and procedures at the airport.


In light of the common issues faced, and considering the regional benefits that may gained from a regional approach to EMS, it may be desirable to share experience, and potentially design and implement a common solution. Establishing a common method to this system would also foster any potential later harmonisation of each ASEAN Member State’s legal framework with each other’s systems and international best practice.


Moreover, this workshop raised awareness on the importance of integrating the achievement of environmental and sustainable goals into the decision-making and the daily business operations of airports, considering: pollution, water, air quality, waste management, energy efficiency and renewal energy solutions, noise and climate change adaptation concerns. According to Eurocontrol, the environmental impact of airports’ activities has the potential to constrain the operational capacity or the potential for the growth of airports, especially when noise or emissions exceed the regulatory limits, planning agreements or tolerance criteria within the surrounding communities, and also when the required energy and water supplies cannot be guaranteed. Consequently, the challenge for airport operators will be to balance the social and economic benefits of an airport to a region or city with the disturbance on the environment. (Daley, Dimitriou & Thomas, 2008).


The workshop took place in the ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Office in Bangkok, Thailand. The ASEAN secretariat was invited to attend. A representative from ACI Asia Pacific  presented ACI’s approach to EMS and results achieved. Speakers from selected EU Member States and from selected EU airports shared their experience on this theme. All authorities from the region with related contact persons for airport management were invited (authority’s environmental focal point, authority’s aerodrome department and  airport -environmental focal point in the airport- if existing).

The following technical documents are available for viewing and downloads:

EU-SEA APP A1.3.1: Brief Activity Report

EU-SEA APP: Objective of the Workshop - EMS: a path to be traced


EUROCONTROL:  Airport Environmental Management and Sustainable Development – what is it? Managing the environmental impact of airports

EUROCONTROL: High Performing Airport Operations Meeting the Environmental Challenge through CEM?

Vienna Airport: Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM)

Vienna Airport: Noise and Air Quality Measurement


Vienna Airport: Energy Efficiency

Manchester Airport: Stakeholders - A Risk and An Opportunity

Manchester Airport: Airport Air Quality

Manchester Airport: Carbon Neutrality and Beyond

France DGAC: The EU approach to Environmental Management System

France DGAC: France approach to Noise and Air quality. Problems and challenges

France DGAC: Climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions as applied to the airport

Airports Council International: ACI Asia-Pacific Region

DGCA Indonesia: An Analysis of the Environmental Management Status for Indonesian Airports – Regulations & Implementations

CAAT: Airport Environmental Protection Program 

Airport of Thailand:  Environmental Management

Airport of Thailand: Carbon Management

Bangkok Airways: Outline of Airports Information, Operations and Implementation


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