Activities co-organised with COSCAP-SEA 

Electronic Flight Bags Workshop for South East Asian countries

21-22 September 2021, Virtual Classroom

The EU-South East Asian Aviation Partnership Project and the COSCAP-South East Asia* co-organised the Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) Workshop on 21-22 September, which counted with the participation of EFB experts from EASA, DGAC France and AIRBUS.


The workshop, which brought together more than 110 participants from 11 South East Asian countries, aimed at supporting Civil Aviation Authorities from the region in approving the integration of EFBs in air operators' operations and procedures.  


The seminar presented key aspects of EFB hardware, software and operational approvals revealingmany benefits, in particular in terms of efficiency and safety.

It showed how establishing and implementing a structured framework, including the clear assignmentof tasks and effective cooperation between the air operator and the respective CAA, helps to integrate innovation in a safe and secure manner.

*COSCAP SEA = The “Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programme for South East Asia” is part of ICAO’s Regional Technical Cooperation Programme with the objective to give assistance to states to implement, improve and harmonize Safety oversight.

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