EASA – CAAS Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Singapore Aviation Academy, 15-16 October 2018

EASA – CAAS held their first  combined Additive Manufacturing (AM) workshop at the SAA facility in Singapore on 15-16th October 2018. This was strongly supported by the European Industry, i.e. Airbus, Safran, Rolls Royce, Avio, and Lufthansa Tech, who provided a clear united message regarding the need to take a step by step approach when integrating AM into aviation applications.  The 140 attendees, from a diverse range of organisations, reflected well  both the broad and deep impact that AM technology is having throughout the aviation design, production, in-service, and R&D activities.  Some 31 regulators also attended, including the CAA of NZ.


Building upon a recent EASA/Industry ‘Knowledge Transfer and Training’ Workshop, held in Koeln 28-29th June 2018, the importance of open communication across all activities was emphasised for the purpose of efficient certification, as were the potential benefits from using ‘lessons learned’, the use of existing organisational structures, and existing strategies developed to support the rapid integration of previous similar materials and process technologies into aviation, e.g. the introduction of composites. However, the need for further mitigating actions, necessary to address the fast integration of AM, relative to composites, was recognised.


This event was aligned with the intent of the EASA AM Strategy, also supporting EASA EPAS (European Plan for Aviation Safety) and the Level of Involvement (LOI) strategies, and is likely to be followed up by more focused local  workshops which will hopefully support future global efforts.



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