Upcoming Activities

Here you can find information about the next upcoming activities of the EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project.

Project Activities in 2022

As of 13 Jun 2022

Regional Cybersecurity Workshop | 27-28 June 2022

3rd ICAO-EASA Forum for Civil Aviation in South East Asia |


Estimated start in June 2022

  • PBN Indonesia

Estimated start in July 2022

  • Lao PDR Certification of Aerodromes

  • Thailand Human Factors Workshop

  • Thailand Hot Air Balloons 

COSCAP SEA - ECCAIRS planned in Q3 

COSCAP SEA - UPRT planned in Q3-Q4


Thailand ATM Performance Framework: TBC

Thailand Drones: TBC

Singapore Artificial Intelligence: TBC 

Singapore Type Certificate Validation: TBC

Singapore Urban Air Mobility: TBC

Singapore Safety Management: TBC

Cybersecurity WS
Regional Cybersecurity Workshop 

27-28 June 2022

The objective of the workshop is to illustrate the basics of cybersecurity in aviation, the specific cyber threat landscape and how to address the related threats and vulnerabilities through adequate regulations, with focus on the European case, risk assessment and management and sharing risk assessment information and cyber threat information and intelligence. The workshop will also present and discuss ongoing activities at the ICAO level, namely the International Aviation Trust Framework, including its implications for the global aviation community and exchange opinions on defining an international approach to increase the resilience, safety and security of aviation in light of constantly evolving cyber threats.

3rd ICAO EASA Forum
3rd ICAO-EASA Forum for Civil Aviation in South East Asia


The objective of the forum is to review the current challenges and opportunities facing civil aviation in South East Asia and to help propose a way forward, with particular reference to the following day’s COSCAP-SEA Steering Committee Meeting and EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project Management Board Meeting.