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2023 Activities

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Dangerous Goods Training 

6th - 10th November 2023, Phanom Penh, Cambodia

Embracing safety at its core, the recent Dangerous Goods course held at the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was a pivotal convergence of expertise and regulatory insights. Facilitated by Mr. Tortorici, EASA Lead Expert, and ENAC Italy's Director of Operations, this course drew participation from SSCA Dangerous Goods Inspectors and senior managers.

The comprehensive sessions delved deep into the multidimensional facets of Dangerous Goods, meticulously covering international regulations, nuances of handling, and intricacies of shipping. Attendees gained a solid understanding of the global landscape governing the safe transportation of hazardous materials, ensuring stringent compliance and best practices. The classroom activities were integrated by two immersive on-the-job training sessions. Collaborating closely with a Cambodian airline operator and the Cambodian Postal Operator, participants applied their knowledge in practical scenarios, honing their skills first-hand.

This collaborative initiative organised through the SEA-APP project funded by the European Union and implemented by EASA, fostered a culture of operational excellence and safety within Cambodia's aviation domain. The exchange of expertise and hands-on experiences will undoubtedly elevate the standards of safety and compliance, ensuring the secure handling of Dangerous Goods for the well-being of all stakeholders involved.

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Hot Air Balloon Study Tour 

25 September to 6 Oct0ber, 2023 Spain

A group of eight officers from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) embarked on a two-week Hot Air Balloon Study Tour in Spain from 25th September to 6th October 2023. This initiative was made possible with the valuable expertise of Mr. Faustino Mortera Romeral from the Spanish authority (AESA), Mr Matthias Borgmeier, an ex-EASA Hot Air Balloons expert, and Mr Stefan Fischer, an EASA Project Certification Manager.


During this programme, CAAT colleagues followed a comprehensive learning experience at AESA's headquarters. They explored a wide range of topics based on EASA regulations for Hot Air Balloons, from airworthiness inspection and oversight procedures to Safety Management Systems (SMS) for balloon operators, balloon pilot licenses, and training organisation protocols. The team got up close with a renowned Hot Air Balloon operator in Segovia, Aerotours and followed sessions at a leading Hot Air Balloon manufacturer, Ultramagic in Igualada. They also joined a live inspection activity for a commercial balloon pilot license with Aircat in Vic, gaining invaluable hands-on experience that they aim to take back to Thailand to support the development of Hot Air Balloon regulations for the benefit of Thailand’s general aviation and tourism sector.

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Workshop for Regulators

3-7 July, 2023 Singapore

We have just concluded the five-day workshop on the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) topic designed exclusively for Asian regulators. The goal of this course was to provide knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitude enabling participants to explain the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) provisions and EU regulations applicable to UPRT and to enhance the safety of airline operations, including Flight Crew Training in FSTDs, the UPRT requirements for Flight Crew Licensing, as well as enabling CAA personnel to assist in the development of UPRT regulations.

This activity was jointly organized by the three Aviation Partnership Projects (APPs) funded by the EU and implemented by EASA and two ICAO’s Co-operative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness initiatives (COSCAP-SEA and COSCAP-SA), covering North, South, and Southeast Asian region. In total, 35 participants from Asian CAAs attended this activity from 19 different countries, joined by experts from AirbusATRBoeingEASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency, and International Air Transport Association (IATA), to share their in-depth knowledge of the UPRT topic with the participants from various perspectives.
The highlight of the activity was the visit of the Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) in Singapore to provide the participants with firsthand experience and an opportunity to observe the methods and techniques they discussed during the workshop.
Our special thanks go to the onsite experts: Fernando Sanchidrian, for delivering the activity, Eric Denoux, Herve BartheJavier Serra Palerm, Jose Fernandez, Michelle Low, and Ascanio Russo, for the technical support onsite; the organizing team working in the background making this activity success, and lastly, all the participants that participated in Singapore and contributed to a fruitful discussion.


ADAC HEMS Study Visit, Germany

14-16 February, 2023

Safer aviation saving lives

A delegation from Thailand visited ADAC, EASA and University Clinic Bonn in Germany during a Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) study visit on 14-16 February 2023. This demonstrated how HEMS can be used to save lives under a high level of safety.

Thailand wants to bring down its number of road fatalities in particular; and is looking at the ways HEMS is implemented in Europe. EASA has been helping Thailand amend and implement its HEMS regulations, to support proper safety oversight, demonstrate partnership and nurture this fledgling industry in Thailand.

The visit was organised for officials from the Thai National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM), the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) and the private operator Siam Land Flying (SLF), and was funded by the European Union under the EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project.

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