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2020 Activities


Activities co-organised with COSCAP-South East Asia 2020

South East Asia

In order to promote safety and ergional integration, as well as for operational efficiency and to promote understanding of the EU system, the project coordinates with COSCAP-SEA, a regional technical assistance programme implemented by ICAO, a series of regional and bilateral training courses for the region. 


These courses should address the needs of the region's aviation authorities, and simultaneously familiarise the region to the EU system, concepts, standards and best practice. 

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Workshop

22 October 2020, via WebEx at EASA Bangkok Project Office

A recent HEMS Workshop was delivered to support the APP HEMS initiative in Thailand. This activity was intended to support the CAAT Helicopter Division gain a more in depth understanding of the daily activities of a HEMS Operation under EASA regulation and how HEMS operators deliver on each and every aspect of this specialist helicopter service whilst at all times remaining fully compliant with regulation.


The specific role of a NAA was explored with the oversight procedures adopted by the authority to ensure ongoing HEMS regulatory compliance. Understanding and recognising threats to the safety of HEMS operations through the application of appropriate risk assessment tools was also examined resulting in an appreciation of associated risks to be found within the HEMS environment; analysing, scoring and applying the defences, each highlighted and discussed.

Capacity development of safety oversight State safety programme (SSP) top-level (Exposition) Document

30 September 2020, EASA Bangkok Project Office

In order to reduce the gap between AMS with regard to SSP implementation and to ensure that the foundation of the State safety-set up is implemented in ASEAN in a harmonised way, together with ARISE+ project, it has been defined an SSP implementation strategy and a template for the elaboration of the so-called ‘SSP Top-level (Exposition) Document’. The said document includes the SSP´s structure and its associated programmes, and how its various components and sub-components work together, as well as the roles of the different State aviation authorities. This document, therefore, will provide the “blueprints,” which can help AMS journey toward effective SSP, and continuous improvement of safety performance.


This bilateral activity is aligned with the priority area of “Effective SMS and SSP” stated in the AP-RASP 2020-2022 and the commitments of the Beijing Declaration that includes the “Implementation of an effective SSP by 2025” as one of the focus areas to be implemented in aviation safety in the Region.

Webinar on Emerging Risks in the Return to Normal Operations after COVID-19 lockdown

2 September 2020 (WebEx) (9am - 12pm CET, 2pm – 5pm Bangkok time)

With the presence of EASA, DGCA Fr, EU Airline Operator and representatives of South East Asia Civil Aviation Authorities and the objective of sharing and exchanging on the European-South East Asian experience in the management of emerging risks during the return to operations after the lockdown period.


EASA would present the document “Review of Aviation Safety Issues Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic”, which offers in one single document the whole spectrum of issues to consider when restarting the industry. Based on it and together with numerous stakeholders in Europe, EASA has conducted a proper prioritization and developed mitigating measures for some of the most critical aspects identified by this exercise.

To complete this view, DGCA France and an EU Airline operator will provide the audience with relevant examples on the challenges for the authority and operators to resume operations in a safety and confident manner.

Finally there will be an open discussion, where representatives of South East Asia Civil Aviation Authorities will share their views and challenges in their respective countries. 

Capacity development of safety oversight-Review of training programme and procedures in support to the ANS Department of the SSCA Cambodia

July - September 2020

Three different working sessions were arranged with the Air Navigation of Standards and Safety Department of the Secretariat Of Civil Aviation of Cambodia (SSCA) with the purpose to provide support in improving the State´s capacity system for safety oversight. 


The said activities were conducted through videoconference. As a result of the support provided, several modifications within training manuals and procedures were proposed. In addition, guidelines and recommendations for a progressive transition to a competency-based system in training (CBT) were presented to both the Human Resources and the ANS Department of SSCA.

3rd Project Management Board

9 June 2020, WebEx

The 3rd EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project (EU-SEA APP) Project Management Board meeting was held via WebEx on 9th June 2020, following a round of bilateral meetings with the ASEAN Member States. 


The EU-SEA APP Project Management Board meeting brought together representatives from the South East Asia member states and the EU (DG MOVE, FPI and EASA) in order to provide the EU-SEA APP project with their technical steering and review the planned activities for 2020. Given the current exceptional circumstances and the COVID-19 outbreak, emphasis on activities related to this topic.

Meeting documents can be found here:

Password is required and will be provided upon request, to EU-SEA APP partners.

Audit Techniques Training for Aviation SAR Inspectors

25-29 May 2020, Bangkok - Thailand

A classroom-based training for CAAT ANS inspectors on the principles and procedures for conduct safety audits for regulators with group exercises and role-plays focused on search and rescue (SAR) services is taking place in Bangkok, from 25th to 29th May 2020.


This course aims to provide ANS officers and inspectors with basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to carry out audits/inspections for effective and efficient safety oversight duties over SAR service providers. The course is specially designed for SAR officers who understand and are able to apply modern auditing techniques in their daily tasks.

PBN implementation status in ASEAN. Analysis Report

February-March 2020

This activity is intended to support ASEAN Member States to develop and promulgate PBN key initiatives for approach and terminal area. The analysis report elaborated under this task includes an overview of the current situation of PBN implementation firstly, in the APAC Region, and secondly and in more detail, in ASEAN by identifying common challenges faced by States and the relevant peculiarities of individual members. The report also includes important information on the activity of ICAO and its Regional Office of Bangkok and the Regional Sub-Office of Beijing across the APAC and ASEAN Regions.

3rd Steering Committee Meeting

13 February 2020 - Brussels, Belgium

The third Project Steering Committee meeting of the EU-SEA APP project was organised together with those of the other APP projects managed by EASA, namely EU-China, EU-South Asia and EU-Latin America and the Caribbean.

The meeting was held following a coordination meeting with representatives from the European institutions, EU member state authorities and European industry.

The Steering Committee reviewed and provisionally agreed on the proposed work plan. It also made recommendations to EASA regarding the further implementation of the project. After EASA shall consolidate the provisionally agreed work plan and supply it in appropriate format in advance to the Project Management Board.

Workshop on Cybersecurity in Aviation

5-7 February 2020, Colombo - Sri Lanka

Achieving an aviation system resilient against cyberattacks, and incorporating cybersecurity into the current aviation safety concept, requires a coordinated and international effort by aviation’s different stakeholders.


In the context of the EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project (and together with the EU-South Asia Aviation Partnership Project) a Regional Workshop on Cybersecurity in Aviation was held in Katunayake, Sri Lanka from 5 to 7 February 2020. The workshop placed emphasis on the joint and integrated work required between the aviation safety and aviation security disciplines when it comes to cybersecurity, as well as promote the sharing of information. 


Around 80 representatives from sixteen South Asian and South East Asian countries participated in the workshop together with EASA experts and representatives from EU National Aviation Authorities and Industry.

Please click HERE to access the workshop presentations.

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